Sunday 14 May 2017

Me supplements have been dispatched

Just seen the email from Simply Supplements to say they've dispatched me multi so it'll be here by Wednesday... not bad going considering I ordered them on a weekend evening and they dispatched the order less than 24 hours later!

If you're after a quick, honest, reliable supplement supplier and you want 20% off  your first order, go here, click on the "referred by a friend" link, put my name (Amanda George) in the box, hit the button, put my email address ( in the box and you'll save yourself 20% on your first order!

You can get loyalty points on the Simply Supplements site as well as discounts if you sign up to their newsletter and if you're with Quidco, Top Cashback or Lady Cashback you get points on every order by going through the cashback site of your choice first!  Quidco is my cashback site of choice and my £160 earnt since I joined half way through 2014!

If  you're a regular Amazon customer, do yourself a big favour and sign up to Lady Cashback and then get Prime membership.  Prime is available for one person per address, but you can nominate other people in the same house to get Prime delivery too.

I know it may seem like I'm getting you to spend money, but I wouldn't even link to the sites let alone recommend them if I didn't like what they do!

Just an extra couple of clicks ahead of going to Amazon or Argos or Simply Supplements or Just Eat or Interflora and loads of others means that you get cashback and takes only an extra couple of minutes, if that!

Same with Nectar... if you shop for your groceries in Sainsbury's and do a lot of searches online, get thee a Nectar card and get the app in your browser - 2 searches in the app is one free point and you just made an extra couple of clicks!

Going back to Amazon, if you suffer from insomnia or aren't tired any more by the time you get into bed, get yourself a Kindle Fire tablet to have a bit of a play with while your body relaxes enough for you to sleep.  If you prefer to read instead of surf, invest in a Kindle e-reader as well - I've got both upstairs and wouldn't be without either of them now!

Amazon have got a bundle of Kindle stuff available too if you want to get everything you need for your new e-reader - the bundle has the Kindle, a case and a mains adaptor thing for under £150 which is a saving of over a tenner if you bought the things individually!

OK, OK, shutting up now!  lol

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