Friday 5 May 2017

The emergency food has just arrived for the pup

Just opened her bag of Pooch and Mutt food that has just been delivered.

I tried her on just a single piece of it in case she didn't like it, but she sniffed it, cautiously licked it then took it off me and ate it, so I tried a second bit.

Sniffed it and took it straight off me, so I tried a small handful while the pup was dribbling in anticipation on my boots.

Scoffed the lot without even sniffing it this time so I think she approves of her new food... just gotta measure out 120g to feed her with tomorrow and Sunday now then she'll be back on the Cesar on Monday morning, ready for Marie bringing over the vet food on Monday evening.

WTG Pooch and Mutt - you really know dogs!  You've got a regular customer with us now!  👍 🐶


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