Friday 12 May 2017

Just seen the email from Simply Supplements

I emailed Simply Supplements a couple of questions about the Multi-vitamin and mineral thing that I'm going to get on Monday for definite now.

My 2 questions were:

First off, the drop down box says they are tablets but one of the reviews says they are capsules - which are they please?

Secondly, the 360 pills and the 120 pills have a different image - I'm going to hopefully get the 360 pills on Monday, but do they come in a box or bottle please?

Their answer to the first question was that they are tablets and the answer to the second question was that the images are different because the 120 pills come in a blister pack in a box whereas the 360 pills come in 2 pots of 180 pills each.

That totally sold me and I'll definitely be getting that multi-vit for £15.70 instead of the 3 pots that I'm currently taking costing £40.

I love Simply Supplements and I can't recommend them highly enough!

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