Sunday 7 May 2017

Opinions please!

I'm genuinely interested on what you, my readers, want to see more of!

Short text?
Long text?
My health?
Philosophical stuff?

What do you want to read/view on my blog more than anything?  What do you want me to cover?  A few sentences?  A couple of paragraphs?  Longer?  What do you want me to vlog about?  Do you prefer a couple of minutes or want me to try making the video's longer?

Let me know in the comments 'cos I'm all out of idea's now!

Please let me know a name in the comments bit... I only know one of my regular readers, C/Fergus and I genuinely want to know who the rest of you are.  If you don't want to leave your real name, leave your initials or your favourite name or something else so that I know and can thank you all individually!

I just want some idea of how to identify you is all - doesn't have to be your real name if you don't want me to know that... just someone I can read and say "hello to my regular readers, X, Y and Z" or whatever.  If you'd prefer to give me you online name, like with Fergus, that's totally OK... if your prefered name starts with an M though, give me another initial next to it because I already talk about 3 M's on here!  lol

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