Wednesday 10 May 2017

Patrick's back wheels

100% of the people who've tried to pump up Patrick's back tyres (me, Steve and C) have been unable to pump them up, so C suggested phoning Assured Mobility to see if they can come out to do it.

Steve's just done that for me and they charge a £25 call-out fee then inner tubes and wheels and stuff, if they've been damaged on top of that.

I've got £154 in direct debits coming out on Monday.
£100 for the shopping is £254 when they're added together, yeah?

I've got £339 in my account right now.

Take £254 off £339 leaves me with £85 yeah?

Take off the £25 leaves me with £60 to last me 1 week yeah?

I haven't got anything coming from Namehog until October, so I can afford to get Patrick's tyres pumped up, yeah?

I'll be paid again the week after when my other bills come out and I'll be able to pay for the shopping out of those pay days and I'll be back on track to being able to spend £112 on the shopping each week, which we've never done, not even at Christmas so I'm thinking of saying £102 a week and putting the extra tenner into B each week so that I save £80 each month instead of £40 ready for Namehog stuff and Patrick stuff and emergencies and stuff.

Makes a huge difference to a few years back where I was struggling to make the minimum payment each month and was badly overdrawn every month.

I've been able to pay off everything except my 3 credit cards which is £150 a month, plus Equifax, 4 charities, 2 mobile phone bills and newsgroup access which makes £322 a month.  Shopping is just over £100 a week, wheelchair insurance every July and 2 SCBWI membership fees a year in March and August for me and Melanie that's $80 each a year then that's it... and I'm still left with almost £50 a month to spend on whatever I want or need!

The money that goes into B covers my Namehog stuff, the wheelchair insurance and SCBWI memberships - hard but definitely doable!  Especially if I put in £80 a month... I'll be able to cover Patrick's insurance in 2 months, the memberships in a month each and Namehog stuff as it comes up!

I'm far from rich, but at least I've got it all written down now with online banking that I keep a close check on most days!

I reckon, touch wood, that I've beaten my spending addiction into submission too... being able to spend the money on the weekly groceries seems to be all it needed to leave me alone most of the time!

So proud of myself that I could even write this message and believe in myself enough to know that I will, most likely, stick to it too!


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