Thursday 11 May 2017

Just installed an app on me laptop

I take part in market research when I remember to check the email address the invites are sent to.

As part of one of the research dooberries I took part in at the weekend I was invited to install an app on my smartphone that keeps track of where I am and websites I visit and stuff.

It doesn't have access to what emails and texts say and it doesn't record phone calls or log in details or anything.

As a reward for keeping it on my phone I get a £10 Amazon voucher for every month that I keep it installed.

I've just been invited to install it on my laptop too which will earn me another £10 voucher every month.

I've just got to keep my mobile with me and keep my phone and laptop charged up so that it can get the information it needs.  Basically I've just got to forget that the app is installed and use my mobile and laptop like I normally would, with the reward of two £10 Amazon vouchers a month.  I've got no problem with that!  £20 Amazon vouchers every month just for using my smartphone and laptop like I would anyway is fine by me assuming they don't eff up anything on them of course!  lol

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