Sunday 7 May 2017

Review of Swedish Glace soy strawberry ice cream on a stick

I had a box of soy ice creams in the freezer and I'm always hot when I get out of the bath so I got myself one and another for Steve.

They were really small and nicked Wall's symbol and to quote Steve "other than the size of 'em, I'd never have known they weren't real ice cream!"  Steve eats meat and isn't allergic to dairy, unlike me, so that's a huge compliment to Swedish Glace!

Like I said to Steve when he commented on the size and price, not so many people are going to buy soy stuff so they need to make their profit somehow and they do it by halving the size of each ice cream for pretty much the same price as a Magnum.

I'd be first in the queue to try a mint soy ice cream though!  The ones we've just had were strawberry and they do a vanilla one so hopefully they'll come up with a mint one at some point!

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