Friday 12 May 2017

Just done a major clear-up of my corner

Totally filled a black bin bag mainly with empty viva-dog boxes that had things for Mitzi in them in search of her most recent box that was full of treats.

That's disappeared somewhere but I've got 2 half packets of Kong treats, a small box of Christmas doggy chocolates, 4 mini treat sticks and a vacuum sealed bag of 2 huge chicken fillets.

Steve's under strict instructions to use up the Kong biscuits first because they are already open, then the chocolate because that's open too, then the sticks because they are individually packed and lastly the chicken fillets because they are so big and are vacuum sealed so can't be put back in anything other than the big blue box that her treats had been in until about 15 minutes ago.

Dunno where the April box of treats disappeared to though!  Still, she's got enough to keep her going as long as Steve only treats her when she goes out for a poo instead of every time she goes for a wee... that's what caused her to become obese to start with!  She knows that she only gets a treat from me if she asks to go out and poo's... wee's don't cut it with me!

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