Friday 12 May 2017

Took the pup on a slightly different walk this morning

Took her up to the next house and back twice and the pup was like "ooh!  This is new!" so might chop and change it every few days so that the pup never knows where we'll be walking... either 5 times up and down the original walk or 2 times up and down on the new walk and if there's a car I can use to get me on and off the pavement I'll use a third variety too!

She's 8 years young at the end of June so I guess it's time to mix things up a bit for her.  Gonna give her 3 meals a day too... same amount of food, but a third of it for breakfast, the second third when we've had our lunch and the final third for her tea.

She goes back to eat her breakfast 3 times during the day and eats a third of it at a time so I'm gonna try that to see if it helps her.  I'm taking my lead from her now that she's getting on a bit.  We'll have had her for 7 years in the middle of July... couldn't be without her any more!

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