Friday 5 May 2017

£58+£230 is...

It's my first May pay day on Monday, so £58+£230 is £288 yeah?  Take off £100 for the shopping is £188 yeah? And another £100 for the shopping the week after is £88... right so far?

Two weeks on Monday I get another £230 then on Tuesday I get £309 which makes £539 plus the £88 is £627 take £83 for the last bills leaves me with £544 take off 2 weeks shopping at £110 a week leaves me with £322 yeah?

Then same again 2 weeks later and every 2 weeks after that... right so far?

Basically as long as I don't spend anything on things I don't need it's all do-able, right?

I hate maths!  lol

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