Friday 19 May 2017

Review of Andy Cars in Gloucester

We've been using them for months.

They were so late for me every time I used them... needed to book the taxi for half an hour before the appointment time and I got there just in time for my appointment.  It's less than a five minute journey from our little house to my GP but it took them twenty minutes to pick me up and take me five minutes down the road.

What's even worse though, is that they have just refused to pick Steve up any more because of his size (he's clinically obese) making it hard for them to drive or something.

When Andy Cars told Steve that, he went back in to his GP surgery and asked if they had any other numbers for taxi's.

They had the number for Associated Taxi's and they were brilliant apparently.

As Steve said as soon as I saw the taxi pull up outside the house:  "Andy Cars are c**ts!"

They've lost 2 customers with us and a regular £20 a week just from Steve.

If you're in Gloucestershire, avoid Andy Cars like the plague and hope that the company goes bust soon!

Star rating from us now?  Zero out of five!

I've never used Associated Taxi's so can't give them a review yet, but it sounds like they are so much better than Andy Cars going by what Steve said!

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