Sunday 7 May 2017

That's the washing on and more knickers ordered

I've ordered 20 knickers since the end of January.

3 were binned before even being worn.
1 is bing washed now.
That makes 4, so where have the other 16 disappeared to fer flip's sake?

Going to have a bath when the main part of the washing is finished and the water has heated up again then get dressed minus knickers until the washing is dried, then I'll put them on before I go for me blood test tomorrow morning.

It's the same with me socks that I bought in February - the only ones that are still in pairs are the ones I haven't opened yet and the ones that I've just taken off... I've got 3 individual socks who have lost their partner!  *sigh*

Maybe I should sew everything together before I put them in the washing machine to be sure I still get everything in pairs... I'm missing tops too!  I've currently got 2 tunics and 2 trousers and one skirt... I'm missing 2 Dogs Trust t-shirts, a white t-shirt, 2 mini skirts and a long skirt somehow!

The wights are probably playing tricks on me or something... complaining about the empty offering dish in the bathroom or something!  lol

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