Sunday 21 May 2017

Glad I've got an Equifax account!

Just checked me credit score from Equifax and apparently I've defaulted on an O2 contract that I cancelled within days of getting it.

My credit report noted that I'd cancelled the contract and that I'd paid it last month and defaulted on it this month.

I've just phoned Equifax and within 8 minutes it was sorted.

The lady I spoke to said she'd put a flag saying that I was disputing it and could take anything up to 21 days to hear back from O2 then they would email me with the result.

I just hope that O2 check their records and see that I cancelled it in less than a week and the person I spoke to said they wouldn't be taking any more payments.

So why have they put a defaulted flag on my credit score when I've never even had the sim card, it's on my credit record as being cancelled the month that it started, it was paid last month even though the account was supposed to be cancelled mid-March so why have I suddenly defaulted??

Hopefully it'll be sorted by the middle of June!

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