Friday 24 March 2023

Blimey Charlie!

So far at least, getting the smart electricity metre fitted yesterday was worth the almost overwhelming anxiety and verging on loopiness all day 'cos I've only used £1.77 of electricity since midnight so I'm well under my £5 a day budget and I'm soo much less worried about putting the wool wash on tonight too... although it'll be interesting to see how much it costs for such a long (pretty much 4 hour washing and drying) cycle considering how little the 45 minute cycle cost this morning (about 30p - yep, totally serious, less than a penny a minute)... I'm thinking a couple of quid, tops, but we shall see.  

Assuming my electricity provider really do only charge me for what I use (plus the standing rate or whatever it's called) rather than their almost £312 a month estimate, then I might be able to eat and heat after all!

After the first 26 hours with a smart metre and getting really worried about how much my daily cost would be, I can feel the delighted surprise overtaking the anxiety now.  I'm gonna leave the heat off again tonight, so that I can see how much the woollen wash sets me back, but if that's equally as reasonable then I'll try putting the heaters back on tomorrow night too.

If, like me, you're shocked by how much your electricity is costing you and you haven't got a smart electricity metre installed yet, I definitely recommend it so far.  I'm expecting my electricity bills to be all over the place for a couple of months, but hopefully they will settle down after that and my bills will be considerably cheaper.

It's the turn of my water tomorrow afternoon, then I will be totally smart so I'm hoping that bill will come down pretty significantly too, 'cos apparently everyone who doesn't have a smart water filter gets charged about the same, so I am being charged the same a a 6 person household, despite using considerably less water than them.

I turned the main light on in here a few minutes ago and it hasn't cost me a penny yet, according to my smart metre, so that's a nice surprise too.

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