Friday 24 March 2023

Today's (24th March 2023) lunch photo

Well considering my lunchtime carer wasn't sure she knew how to cook pasta and the concept of boiling water seemed to be completely alien to her, we successfully navigated cooking pasta with tomato and vegetable sauce!  lol

Compared to this time 5 months ago, my portion sizes are considerably better and I'm eating cooked lunches pretty much every day now, instead of the 3-4 days a week when my late hubby was alive and they are considerably more varied too.  I haven't had a take away for 4.5 months instead of the weekly that it was while Steve was alive and I haven't had a Cafe Nero coffee since the start of December 2022 so I think I'm doing pretty well and have every right to feel proud of myself!

I'm used to eating breakfast every day now too, instead of just on the 3-4 days that Steve hadn't cooked the day before now that I only have to make one instead of two so my legs are a lot more stable while I'm waiting for the toast to pop up.

Here's today's lunch photo:

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