Thursday 30 March 2023

Today's (30th March 2023) lunch photo

Quick cooking question for you... how long should you cook pasta for from cold and dry with the water just come out of the cold tap to draining, dishing up and eating please?

It's just that today's carer put the pasta on for 10 minutes from taking it out of the pasta box, putting it into the pan filling the pan with just enough water to cook the pasta then timing it for 10 minutes from there, so it was only actually boiling for about 5 minutes... is that long enough or is there a potential for food poisoning there please?

I'm feeling incredibly sick atm but I dunno if that's psychosomatic or if it's food poisoning kicking in already... what do you reckon please?

It was pasta and the last half of the tomato and garlic pasta sauce for lunch today... assuming it doesn't revisit me any time soon of course!

Here's today's lunch photo:

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