Wednesday 29 March 2023

Goooood morning all!

I'm seriously impressed with myself right now.


Because, since midnight on Monday, I've used £6.71 of electricity, which is nowhere near the tenner that I was budgeting for in the same amount of time and includes the heater being on in here for 2 hours accidentally yesterday too... I really can afford to both heat and eat after all!

If you're in the UK and struggling with huuuuge electricity bills, I'd definitely recommend you getting a smart metre and setting a realistic budget for yourself.  Mine is £5 a day and after 2.25 days, I'm only just over a single days budget!

I've taken my morning pills and set the weekly virus scan off, but it's too close to my carers potentially coming to have breakfast, so I'll do that when they've gone and potentially get my nose stuck in a book, but I haven't decided for sure yet 'cos I can't save anything while the backups are chugging away and I don't wanna lose half a review ('cos I'll never remember what I said) if something goes splat.

I'm proud of myself for coping with the engineer yesterday and Marie doesn't think it'll cost a fortune just to replace the conked out part that he was certain was the problem, so next big assessment is to see, first how long the emersion needs to be on to get a gorgeously hot bath again and second, how much it costs per hour to have it on, so that I can work out if baths will be treats or if they will be a regular thing again.  I'm really hoping it'll be a regular thing 'cos they are sooo relaxing for me when they are hot enough... maybe a once-a-week treat for coping with another week on my own?

This post is waaaay too long and I haven't even thought about my day's to-do list yet, so I'm gonna do that now I reckon.


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