Wednesday 29 March 2023

Today's (29th March 2023) lunch photo

Today's lunch (like breakfast) was made pretty much entirely by me 'cos my lunchtime carer was more interested in scrubbing the kitchen sink, washing up bowl, draining rack and the counters than actually cooking.  All the sides in and around the kitchen sink are sparkling but the floor is soaked and quite frankly dangerous to even go near let alone walk on, so it's a good job that I've got 16 litres of pop to get through 'cos I certainly don't feel safe enough to make myself any other drinks before tomorrow morning now!

I made myself spaghetti with tomato and garlic pasta sauce today and literally the only thing my carer did that even approached cooking was to drain the spaghetti and plate it all up for me.

Here's today's lunch photo:

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