Thursday 23 March 2023

Today's (23rd March 2023) breakfast photo

Just my usual breakfast again today - 2 slices of toast, dairy-free spread and an orange juice.  I've also had a few treat-sized choccies and I've got a mug of decaff coffee on the go too.

I'm already sneezing and sniffing so today is obviously gonna be another hayfever day for me - oh joy.

It's gonna be a weird lunch today 'cos I'll be finishing off yesterday's vegan chilli and I've got 2 vegetable cous cous available as well as a punnet in my Graze box and a peanut protein bar so it'll be all cold food today that I'll be picking at and hoping I don't have to answer the door mid-mouthful lol

Here's today's breakfast photo:

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