Friday 24 March 2023

I've got no idea...

...when I did it, but I've just discovered 2½ (the half isn't bleeding any more so it kinda does and kinda doesn't count) self-harm wounds that have happened since lunchtime but I don't know when, why or how they happened.  They are definitely self-harm wounds as opposed to accidental injuries, based on where they are and what they look like but I haven't got a clue about what happened or why, so I'm really hoping this isn't me getting back onto the slippery slope after all the hard work I put in all those years ago.

It's the not knowing/realising that I'm doing it that's the most worrying, 'cos I can't stop myself then which makes an awful situation even worse.

I'll have to keep a closer eye on how I'm feeling and reacting, like I did yesterday, so that I can hopefully stop it before it gets to the point of no return again.

I'm already fiddling with the injuries so I've been able to stop myself twice in that sentence up there ⮙⮙ and again, so I'm just about able to stop myself before I start, which is a positive thing, but to harm myself 3 times with no recollection at all is kinda worrying.

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