Friday 24 March 2023

Mornin' all

I haven't turned the heating on for the last 36 hours and I thought I'd be shivering and getting a really bad cold but it really isn't as bad as I was dreading!  It's chillier than I'd like, but nowhere near as bad as I was thinking and it saves electricity and money so it's all worth it!

I used £1.94 of electricity in the 8 hours to midnight yesterday after the smart electricity metre was fitted, which ain't too bad at all.

I've taken my morning pills and I'm gonna go and make myself some breakfast after I've put today's to-do list up.

I didn't get loopy after all yesterday, just the significant warning signs, so that's a relief.

My daily virus scan was reassuringly still clear, so that's a relief and means that it's time to go and make my breakfast now I reckon.

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