Friday 14 December 2018

Friday 14th December 2018

I'm loving AVG even more now!

I set it up to automatically start the virus scan as soon as I booted up every Friday.

Today was the first Friday after I set it up.

Got a bit worried that it hadn't started so opened up the icon to set it going manually.  When it had loaded up, the green button said 'scanning' so I clicked it and it was already at 5%!  Hopefully that means it'll be finished soon after I come down tomorrow, or Sunday at a push.

The only criticism is that I wish it had opened up the programme or popped up with a dialogue box or something so that I'd known it was running without opening it up... just a little taskbar active icon indicator thing or summat?

I'm loving it despite that though... it's one less thing for me to remember to do and I've got a reminder that comes up to remind me to clear my cache's on a Thursday too.

I like being organised and having computer programmes doing things to help me to remember!

Easily pleased, me.  lol

That's the puppy walked and fed.  Only 250% today but that's still 1200% after 5 days though, so I'm not too worried... I think we both needed to walk a relatively short distance today after walking over 1000% EXTRA in only 4 days this week though!

I'm hoping for a grand total of 1500% by the time we come back on Sunday 'cos that's only 150% extra a day, which is what we did today... I'm not gonna pressure either of us though - if the pup doesn't want to walk any further than 100% a day, that's fine by me!

That's me supplements swallowed.  The B12 was a PITA and wouldn't go down whole, so it disintegrated like the previous Iron sometimes did, but other than that, they all went down fine and dandy again.

That's all the gifts wrapped and ready to give to everyone now.  C and H's gifts are downstairs ready for when C comes over on Sunday.  His gift is such a weird shape that it's only partly wrapped lol

Good job I invested in another 2 pairs of trousers when I did 'cos there's a huge hole between the legs that I could easily get 1.5 arms through with no problem at all!  It's been binned now though, so if I'm paid my ESA on Monday, I'll get another few tops and trousers/jeans just to see me over the winter and spring.

Just bought a pair of jeans for £9 on eBay.  Bidding on 2 other pairs of jeans so hopefully by the end of next week I'll have 3 jeans and 2 trousers to wear!

First survey of the day completed.

Second survey done and dusted.

Having internet connection issues so I'll hopefully publish this then have me tea (yet another take-away) then head to bed.

Nite nite orl!

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