Sunday 30 December 2018

Sunday 30th December 2018 - part 2

Just got back from the in-laws again.  We weren't invited up for New Year's Day, so the running total is seeing Steve's family the same amount of times in 6 days as I've seen my mum since the start of 2010.  If we're invited over for New Year's Day, we'll have seen Steve's family more in 8 days than I've seen my mum in 8 years!!  Hardly fair, is it?  👎

The recycling box is now officially too full for the lid to fit on it, so despite being out of the house for 3 days this week, our pop consumption has far from reduced for some reason!

Had to put a drain unblocker on the shopping that's coming on Thursday 'cos the bath plug takes literally hours to fully drain, so I've put the own brand unblocker on the shopping that's less than half the price of the brand name products and had the majority of positive reviews for it, so hopefully it'll work for us too.

Just pre-ordered my lil nephew's first two birthday pressies ready for next year and had me tea (Knorr minestrone soup... much prefer Sainsbury's own brand minestrone soup though!)

That's me prescription taken.  Not planning on getting up early tomorrow... in theory I'll be awake by 7.30am but I'm not going to get up until I feel ready.  We aren't going out anywhere and it's just the rubbish bag and recycling box to bring in and the pup to walk and feed so they can wait for an hour longer than usual, considering it's the last day of 2018 tomorrow.  Can almost guarantee that I'll forget about not needing to get up early tomorrow though!  lol

Logging off now... not tired but I need an early night for the first time in a while so I'm publishing this then shutting down.

Nite nite orl!

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