Wednesday 26 December 2018

Wednesday 26th December 2018 - part 2

Just got back from the in-laws.  We were there for 5 hours today, so add that to yesterdays 8 hours, makes 13 hours in 2 days.  That's less than I spent with my mum at my father's funeral and the last time I saw her combined and 3 hours still in the bank.  It'll be another 5 hours minimum on Sunday and another 8 on New Years Day which will be 26 hours over four days in a week.

I haven't seen my mum for 8 years, but come Tuesday we'll have been with the in-laws in a week for the same number of days as I saw my mum in 2010 combined.

Hardly fair, is it?

Just bought a fitness tracker that'll be here tomorrow between 2pm and 6pm then made a £6 donation to Children In Need. Not bad going for a days shopping!

Time to go shopping on Amazon with C's kind gift now!

That's me prescription taken and it's not even 5pm yet, so hopefully it means I'll have an early night tonight after a couple of late ones and a very late night last night (11pm before I even got to take me prescription and midnight before I was asleep, then up before 7am this morning for the second time in 2 days) but I've got no reason to be up before 9am for the next 3 days, thankfully.

12 hangers, 2 jumpers, 2 t-shirts and a cardigan cost a grand total of less than a tenner thanks to C's generous gift... thank you C!  I'll be able to hang my clothes up now instead of leaving them in a pile on top of the washer-drier - just gotta move the boxes from in front of the wardrobe now!  lol

Quick virus scan completed.  Still virus and malware free so I'm heading to bed now.

Nite nite orl!

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