Monday 24 December 2018

Monday 24th December 2018

Just got back from taking the pup out... we did 250% and she produced a poo, so I dutifully picked it up, but there's already 150% in the walkies bank after just one day!  I'm hoping to make this a minimum every day, but I won't force her if the pup doesn't want to.

Time for me supplements now!

That's the supplements swallowed.  The Multi was a nightmare to swallow but the other 3 weren't too bad, not perfect but not the worst either.  That's me sorted for the day now though, thankfully.

That's the bag tied around the top of the pup's lead again, ready for the next time she poo's on her walk.  I asked my carer to do it and he said "maybe later" which usually means no, so I had to do it.  He's being paid to be my carer for 30 hours a week but I'm lucky if I get that out of him in a year!

Been a long, boring day today that I've done b***ar all with, except having a shower to wash me hair, then a bath to relax in, bought the Christmas pressies down and I've just taken my prescription, so hopefully I'll be up by 8am tomorrow.  Got 5 weeks and 6 days left of my prescription, which will, in theory, take me up to the start of February so I'll put my repeat request in at the end of January.

Wish me luck tomorrow... got a black bag and carrier bag of gifts to take with us tomorrow - just got to remember to take 'em with us!

Still virus and malware free.

Not sure when/if I'll be posting tomorrow, so if I don't, I hope you have a good Christmas and Boxing Day!

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