Tuesday 25 December 2018

Tuesday 25th December 2018 - part 2

Back from spending the day with the in-laws and in just one day with them is equal to nearly (as in about 2 hours short) the entire time I've spent with my mum since the end of 2009, 'cos we spent 8 hours with Steve's family today and I spent 6 hours with my mum on the day of my father's funeral and almost 4 hours with her after we'd re-homed the pup. 

Nothing since.

We're in for another 8ish hours again tomorrow and another 8 hours or more on New Year's Day, so in one week we'll have spent 24 hours with his family which is the same as I've spent with my mum since mid-2009.

So much for going over to see her regularly now that she's on her own, eh?

Got a gift card from her that I was doing battle with before we left and I'm about to do battle with again after I've written this, an Amazon voucher from C and a variety box of hot chocolates from Marie so I've been spoilt!  Gonna look for an opal ring from Argos with the gift card from me mum, but haven't got a clue about what to get from Amazon lol

Gonna get myself a fitness tracker from Argos with me mum's voucher... still haven't got a clue what to get with the Amazon voucher though!  lol

It's gone 11pm so I'm having a very late night tonight!

Hope you've all had the best day possible today... nite nite orl!

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