Sunday 16 December 2018

Sunday part 2

That couldn't have been more gross if it tried... waaaay too greasy for my liking and Steve bought way too much for himself.  If he'd got just one large chips and 2 sausages instead of four then not only would he have saved himself at least £5 but there wouldn't be food going to waste either!

I had a small chips and portion of onion rings which has made me bloated, but at least I didn't waste any food.  Steve had 2 large chips and four sausages and has wasted half of it!

Gonna open me can of cherry Coke now

That's me prescription taken.  Got exactly 3 weeks left now but I put the repeat request in on Thursday evening and it got issued on Friday, so hopefully it'll be delivered by the end of next week so that I've got enough to see me through to the end of January.

Off to bed now... nite nite again orl!

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