Sunday 30 December 2018

Sunday 30th December 2018

I've achieved so much already today and it's not even 9am yet!  Took the recycling box and rubbish bag out, binned the walkies bags of poo and scraped up the two bits that were in the yard, binned those, had a bath then took the pup out for her morning stroll, she poo'd before we even got to 15% of the walk so cleared it up and binned it in the rubbish bag then we carried on walking.  250% today, so add the 150% extra to the 1050% in the bank means that we've done 1200% extra so far this week which is good going I reckon!

Going to see Steve's family yet again today which means that by the time we get home today we'll have seen Steve's family the same number of times as we've seen my mum since the beginning of 2010.  You can bet Steve wouldn't agree to seeing his family 3 times in 8 years, yet that's exactly what he's forced me to do and continue to do!

Anyway, enough of that.  Time to check my email and Facebook then shut down until we get home from the in-laws... again.

Supplements taken.  The Calcium crumbs went everywhere and the Iron was a bit of a PITA but the B12 and Multi were OK-ish, thankfully.

Gonna publish this then shut down now.


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