Sunday 23 December 2018

Sunday 23rd December 2018

I don't know why it's suddenly happened, but I'm in double figures for visitors reading this blog in the last 12 hours!  Thank you so so much to every single one of you!  I really do appreciate your visits and reading my posts!

I usually struggle to get over 4 readers which I was happy with anyway and I loved and appreciated every single one of them, so imagine my shock this morning to be met with low double figure number of views of every single blog post!

I haven't done any marketing or advertising of my blog or anything, just the same link on my sites, same as always, so I haven't got a clue about how quadruple the number of people have suddenly found my blog overnight, but you've lifted my mood and motivation waaaay up!

Thank you so so much!  💜💜💜

The virus scan finished at about 2am so it was a good job that I didn't stay up to wait for it!  lol

Doing the backups now and, as always, it's the documents that are taking forever to back up lol  Up to 45% atm and it's been going for almost half an hour so it's dragging through as just over 1% per minute.  It's only once a week though, thankfully.

Blimey Charlie!  The backing up has done 42% in 4 minutes!!  That's soooo much quicker than I was thinking and means that I'll be able to take the puppy out for our morning walkies before 10am then I can come back and relax knowing that I'm protected for another week.

Today is the last day of our walkies break.

Starting tomorrow I'm gonna increase the distance we walk again... I won't pressure her as long as we do the 100% every morning, but I'm hoping for around 250% every morning if she wants to and anything more than that will be an awesome bonus... not going to force her, but she's an eager puppy again now that we've got her nails sorted!

...And the back-up is finished!  45 minutes to back up just my documents though!  lol.

Gonna unplug the external hard drive and put it away then take the pup out for her walk.


The puppy is comfortable in her bed and refusing to get out so I'll keep trying throughout the day *sigh*.  Knew it wouldn't last.  👎

That's the pup walked and fed now.

She decided to mess with my head today though and go the opposite way to where we usually go!

We usually head left out of the door but the pup forced me to go right this morning, which I don't think we've ever done before.

We walked the same distance and to the same places so we still did 100% this morning, but we did it backwards!

Tomorrow is the start of longer walks again, but I'll take my lead from the pup again and as long as we do 100% I won't force her to do any more than that.

Time for me supplements now.

And they're done and dusted for the day.  The Calcium crumbs went everywhere and the B12 fell apart in my mouth, but the Iron and Multi behaved themselves and went down with just a single mouthful of squash, thankfully.

First survey of the day completed and I'm having strawberry jam sarnies for me lunch .

Steve's changed his mind about the sandwiches so we're having cheesy bean slices and mince pies for lunch instead  😞

Just taken me prescription and I'm hoping to have an early night, but knowing me I'll still be awake at my normal bedtime.  😔

Going to bed now... the prescription is kicking in already, so I might just about catch the end of the Top 40 today, to see who is Christmas Number 1!

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