Friday 20 May 2022

Just given...

...the seedlings a small drink just in case there isn't any rain later on.  I used 2 very full jugs between all 5 pots instead of my usual ¾ of a jug for each of the 3 pots of seedlings and a 4th jug between the two ex-tomato pots.


The 38 Degrees seedlings are going great guns, the Amazon bees are coming along nicely and there are even a few tiny green leaves risking coming through now on the butterflies pot.  It might just be my imagination or dust or whatever, but there are a couple of tiny white areas in the Amazon bees pot.  They are barely the size of a pin head, but that's happened since yesterday evening and they are definitely sprouting and gaining strength since yesterday too, so I haven't killed any of the seeds yet, I've just gotta be more patient lol


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