Sunday 29 May 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

My hayfever is already playing me up and I haven't even been out to water the seedlings/plants yet!

I've made my carer's breakfast for him and just generally cared for him for 89 minutes so far this morning, which is already 37 minutes more than he's cared for me all week... but apparently I don't do anything to support him and he "does everything" for me <shrug>

I've got 250g of raspberries to have for my breakfast today, then I've gotta do the gardening and sort out our rubbish and recycling for another week.  Gotta take my carer's breakfast bowl through to the kitchen first though!

I've got a couple of Amazon deliveries due today and other than the raspberries it's gonna be another day without food 'cos Steve's got his sausages to use up today and other than the allergen free ice cream, there's nothing else that I can have to eat.  That's alright though, cos my carer has eaten 19 times this week and I've only eaten 5 times (2 of which were a take-away and leftovers from the take-away) <shrug>

Best go and take my carer's empty bowl through to the kitchen and do the watering before I have my breakfast then take my pills, run the virus scan and take the rubbish and recycling out.


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