Monday 30 May 2022

That the plants sorted for today...

...afternoon pill taken and drinks made - I bet Steve'll fall asleep before he's even got a quarter of the way down his drink, then he'll shudder as he gulps it down cold when he wakes up from his afternoon snooze.

Yep, within seconds of putting his drink down on one of his tables, he was asleep.

I've got less than 40 minutes of care to provide for the rest of the day to be at double the time required and my carer hasn't only managed half an hour of care all day and he'll be asleep for most of the afternoon so I'm predicting that he won't do any more caring today.

I've gotta remember to phone up about the toning belt I got yesterday.  I'm 98% sure it'll be fine and dandy to use but I'd prefer to be paranoid than dead or whatever.

Our freezer seems to be down to temperature now, so I've filled the basket with my soya ice creams and 4 of the 5 packets of vegetarian chicken pieces, so assuming it all stays frozen we can start to buy more freezer stuff again now.

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