Saturday 21 May 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I reckon the pollen count for today is already pretty high 'cos I'm sneezing, my nose is sprinting and my eyes are really itchy and watering already today and I've only been up for just over an hour!

I've taken my morning pills, run the daily virus scan (still clear), made a mug of coffee for me an' 'im and cared for my carer for 50 minutes so far this morning.  I managed 13 hours and 1 minute of care for him by the time I went to bed last night, so the current weekly total (excluding this morning) is 59 hours by me and 2 hours 31 minutes (including this morning) so he'll have to do nothing but care for me this weekend, no sleeping to hit the target, but I doubt we'll even make 4 hours of care by my carer all week.

Gotta remember to water the seedlings when my carer wakes up, whenever that is.

Steve's decided that he doesn't want any breakfast, so I'll go and do the washing up then make myself a couple of slices of toast for a change, then water the seedlings after that.

Did I say yesterday that we're gonna attempt to defrost our chest freezer soon?  I changed our menu's yesterday so that we could use up all our freezer stuff and not get any more with Tuesday's grocery order, which means that it's lasagne's for lunch today and pizza baguettes for lunch tomorrow, then Steve's having 3 lots of sausage sandwiches next week so that we can get rid of those, which'll and I'll be finishing off the 2 vegetarian sausages on one of those days and having vegan ice creams for my lunch on the other days.  Far from healthy, but Steve's gotta eat his sausages and there's nothing that I can have when Steve has them, so I might as well use up the ice creams while he's having his sausage sandwiches!

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