Sunday 29 May 2022

Pills taken and... refilled ready for next week.

Was gonna go and water the seedlings/plants but there has been enough rain that I don't reckon I should, otherwise I'll drown 'em.

To-do list for this afternoon is to sort out my new Kindle cover so that my original Kindle can have its case back and the new one can have the new cover, then I'll have a read of the instructions on how to use the flab-buster and try it for the first time when my lunch has 'gone down' so that it doesn't come back up again.

Steve had tuna sarnies for lunch, which was on the menu for today and he's gonna finish off his sausages on Thursday instead of the soup 'cos he's not going to his medical appointment -apparently it clashes with his family going shopping, so he's having the week off and finishing off his sausages which means I'll be going hungry on Thursday and possibly Wednesday too, depending on what time the weekly virus scan and then the back-ups finish.

My carer has made just one single meal for me this week instead of the 14 he tells everyone he does but he's feeling motivated to try making the vegetarian Korma for lunch tomorrow... I won't be raising my hopes too high though.

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