Friday 27 May 2022

Seedlings watered... missing my second meal of the day.  Literally the only solid things in my stomach today is 125g of blueberries and a portion of dry roasted peanuts.  Steve's had 2 proper meals so far today and he's gonna have a Chinese take-away for his tea, so he'll be eating 3 full meals today and I'll have blueberries, peanuts and maybe a bag of chips (as long as it's not delivered after 6pm at the very latest) in my belly for the entire day.

It'll be the same again tomorrow 'cos of my monthly virus scan so I won't be having breakfast, Steve's finishing off his sausages for lunch and having sandwiches for his tea so I won't have anything solid in my stomach again (instant soup, at best, for lunch) for the third day on the trot.  Sunday is potentially the same 'cos that's toasted tuna sandwiches for Steve and potentially toasted cheese sarnies for me, as long as the cheese doesn't mess me up again.  Good job that I'm at the top of the healthy weight range for my height really <shrug>

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