Saturday 28 May 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?


My deep monthly scan is underway so it's gonna be another day of no meals 'cos I can't put my laptop on the floor while that's going on, so by bedtime tonight, my carer will have eaten 18 meals and I'll have gone for 3 days without any meals at all (other than the blueberries and peanuts I had yesterday).  I've gotta finish off the blueberries for breakfast 'cos today is their last day.


I'm also predicting that it'll be me going to the door for the top-up shop, bringing it in and putting it away, same as most weeks.


Gotta remember to take my morning pills, so I'm gonna do that now while I think of it.

OK, they're down the hatch and I'm dosed up until lunchtime now.

My hayfever is already through the roof, so I reckon it'll be another day of coughing, sneezing and sniffing day today.  What joy.

I'm gonna go out and water the seedlings now, so that I can get it over and done with until lunchtime... hopefully there will be less pollen floating around this early in the morning.


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