Thursday 26 May 2022

Mornin' all

I completely forgot to say hi to you all when I came downstairs this morning and I've now had my breakfast and only just remembered!

So far this morning I've run my daily virus scan (still clear), taken my morning pills, watered the seedlings (one of the 38 Degrees ones is huge now), made breakfast for my carer and just generally cared for him for almost 2 hours this morning.  My carer, OTOH, has done absolutely bugger all to care for me.

I'm almost 4 hours into overtime already this week and my carer hasn't even achieved an hour yet which means he's gotta put in 8-hour days for the rest of the week which is as likely as me putting in 15 hour days (ie possible, but very very unlikely).


Got a book to keep reading and reviewing today, while my carer is asleep.

I'm gonna put my breakfast photo up now before I forget.


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