Tuesday 31 May 2022

After 3 hot choccies and 10...

...choccie biccies, I'm finally where I want to be with my calories - ie over 2,000 - so I hopefully won't lose any weight this week, as long as I keep having at least 3 hot choccies a day.  Tomorrow is prolly gonna be pretty similar to today - ie granola (without fruit tomorrow) for breakfast then three hot choccies throughout the day while I can't put my laptop on the floor 'cos of doing the backups and making Steve's lunch for him.


I'm gonna wipe over the top of the cooker after Steve not clearing up the spills and drips he made with the curry yesterday, so I'll make use of it not being on to give it a bit of a clean ready for Steve's sausage sarnies on Thursday, then I'll wipe it down again in preparation for more spillages with the spag bol on Friday.

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