Saturday 28 May 2022

That's Steve's...

...sausages moved out of the ("big") chest freezer and put into the ("little") freezer on top of the fridge.  Apparently it'll only take "a few hours" to get rid of all the ice that's collected and turn it into water, then I'll plug it back in and hopefully it'll be back down to freezing temperature with less/no ice so that we can restart filling it again on Monday.  Assuming I haven't broken it by unplugging it, it might be worth doing it regularly 'cos this is the first time we've defrosted it since we got it maybe 10-15 years ago but there was too much ice to be able to move the basket without breaking it, the lid wouldn't close properly and we had to use a long handled screwdriver to chisel off the ice several times a week before we could even open the lid, so it was past overdue.

Too late to change our minds now though lol

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