Sunday 22 May 2022

Busy few hours!

In the last 75 minutes I've cooked and eaten lunch, took the empty plates back through to the kitchen, watered the seedlings, prepared the caring spreadsheet for next week and I'm about to go and take our rubbish and recycling out for another week.

I've still gotta take my lunchtime pill, refill the box and keep caring for my carer all afternoon.  I can't see my carer doing any more caring today, so hold on while I do his adding up for the week... 3 hours and 24 minutes instead of the 35 hour minimum he's supposed to do.  I've already cared for my carer for 6 hours 34 minutes today which brings the weekly total up to 75 hours and 56 minutes - apparently I'm not the carer and do nothing to support him though <shrug>

Time to get the lunch photo resized and put up for the last time this week, then I'll take my afternoon pill, refill the box and then take the rubbish and recycling outside.

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