Monday 30 May 2022

Mornin' all

According to my FitBit I managed over 9 hours of sleep last night which is awesome.


I'm determined to have breakfast this morning but I've gotta do the washing up first, so I'll go and do that when my carer wakes up then I'll make his breakfast for him, go and water the seedlings then hopefully be stable enough on my feet to make my own.


The rubbish and recycling are due to be collected this morning, so I've gotta be ready to bring the bags and box in too, 'cos my carer never does it.


I've taken my morning pills, so I'd best run the daily virus scan now before I forget.


It's just finished and didn't find any nasties, so that's reassuring.


Woops!  Forgot to publish this before I went to water the seedlings/plants and made our breakfast!

I've got a photo of my breakfast for you all, so I'll publish this then put it up.

The combination of watering the seedlings, making two breakfasts and taking Steve's empty box outside means that I've managed 9 active minutes today which is awesome and I'm pretty proud of that.


Gotta remember to phone my GP later on about the belly buster too.

After I've brought everything back in, I'll weigh myself, log it, download the spreadsheet then code and upload it.  Time to deal with the breakfast photo first though!


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