Tuesday 31 May 2022

Looks like...

...I'm missing lunch today and tomorrow 'cos Steve doesn't fancy doing the pasta and sauce at lunchtime "but we'll swap it with tomorrow and I'll definitely do it then" so he's just going to have his cocktail sausages and scones for lunch today.  My weekly virus scan and backups are happening tomorrow, so he'll be having the pasta and sauce and I'll be having nothing until Thursday at the very earliest, but he's got his sausage sandwiches to finish off then so that's the third lunch I'll miss, which takes us to Friday when it's supposed to be vegan spag bol.  

I've just rearranged the menu and I'll be going hungry (other than breakfast) from today until Thursday inclusive, then it's vegan spaghetti bolognaise on Friday, today's pasta and sauce on Saturday and Pasta Bake on Sunday.  Looks like I'll be having 4 lunches this week instead of the 7 that Steve tells everyone he makes for me and he'll be eating three meals a day, every day again.  I'm predicting that he'll find an excuse not to cook at least one of those meals as well, so I'm going to be missing the majority of my lunches and living on granola for breakfast and that's it on the days Steve finds an excuse not to cook.  It means that I'll prolly have lost weight again on Monday too... so much for aiming to eat 2,000 calories a day eh?

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