Friday 12 October 2018

Friday 12th October 2018

That's me caches cleared and the weekly deep virus and malware scan started.  It's currently 9.24am and it's done 5% so far.  In theory it'll be finished in the early hours of Sunday morning 'cos it takes 45 hours to intensly scan my whole machine.

That's the puppy walked.  It's hosing down out there so we only did 100% today.  I'm wondering if the senior pup is in pain because of her refusal to get her harness on every morning?  She's 9 years old so she's not young any more, but her daily reluctance to go out for her walk is starting to worry me.

I'm also wondering if her scratching and biting was because of a strong intollerence to grain instead of fleas 'cos she's still doing it every day even though we've treated her for fleas and ticks.  Pooch and Mutt do a grain free diet food so I'm debating asking her vet about putting her on that to see if it stops her from biting and scratching herself.

We're up to 26% with the virus scanning now so I'm guessing there won't be much of a change now 'cos it's going through all my emails and stuff.  It'll be maybe 30% when I come down tomorrow and stay like that all day then I'll head to bed and it'll be finished at about 1am on Sunday.

Just taken me morning cocktail.  The Calcium was a nightmare for me to swallow all the crumbs today but the Iron and Multi went down with a single mouthful of squash each, thankfully.


I hate answerphones!

Got a letter from a PPI thing that has gone into insolvency asking me to pay £329.39 so I've just paid £250 online and because they were a new payment I wasn't allowed to pay any more than that so I phoned them and got lumbered with an answerphone which sent me into a panic and I've got to try again tomorrow to pay the remaining £79.39.

Gonna try and do it using mobile banking again so that I don't have to speak to anyone, but if that doesn't work I'll have no choice but to do it over the phone and if they aren't there tomorrow I'll forget about it by Monday!!


Gonna have a really early night tonight 'cos I is cream crackered right now!  Bet I'll still be awake at my normal bed time though, knowing my luck lol

Nite nite orl!

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