Wednesday 31 October 2018

Wednesday 31st October 2018 - part 1

Just got back from walking and feeding the pup.

I would have been happy with 100%.

The pup kept walking to 200% which I was really happy with.

The pup kept walking, so we equalled the previous record of 250%.

The pup carried on walking, to an amazing 300%.

She wanted to keep walking but there's no way it would have been safe for me to walk her any further so we came home again.

That's 200% in the bank just from today!  Added to the 200% that was already in the bank means there's 400%  in there now after only 3 days!!

It's just the first 100% that the pup needs to be encouraged to walk but after that I just follow her.

Sorry we couldn't keep walking this morning, Pup, even though you wanted to!

That's me morning cocktail taken and Steve's gonna make me a mug of coffee when he comes out of the bathroom!  Yay!

First survey of the day completed.

Virus and malware scan was clear... apparently it was 2 days ago that I last did a scan which was Monday!  Oops!  Totally forgot about it yesterday then!

Second survey done and dusted.

That's my prescription delivered already... I only ordered it on Sunday afternoon/early evening so it wasn't even known about until Monday morning and it's with me 2 days later!  Fast work by my GP and the pharmacy!  Just waiting for me new coat and boots to arrive now, then I'll go and have a shower and wash me hair ready for tomorrow!

That's the jacket just arrived, so just waiting for me boots now then I can have a shower and wash my hair!

A few minutes later, the boots arrived too!  I'm gonna do a few more surveys then head into the shower I reckon!

Third survey completed so I'm gonna go and have the shower and wash me hair ready to have it trimmed tomorrow.


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