Thursday 18 October 2018

Thursday 18th October 2018

Just got back from taking the pup out for her walkies and was totally happy with 100% but she carried on walking so she forced me to follow her and she did an extra 50%!  Four days into the week and we've only just made a deposit in the bank, but that's totally OK with me.

She was excited about going out this morning too and waddled over to me as soon as I called "walkies!" instead of having to fight to get her harness on and done up!

I definitely prefer mornings like this, but I'll be able to do very little else for the rest of the day now, while I recover!

Forgot to take me supplements this morning and I've spent the day waiting for someone on Freegle to contact me and I've spent all afternoon trying to find a Middle Grade book that heavily features bullying after being rejected twice this afternoon!

I've already taken me prescription and had me tea, so I'm gonna keep reading this book then have an early night... although it won't be that early 'cos I've still got ¾ of a can of pop to drink!  lol

It's gonna be a really short blog post today  😉

Up to chapter 31 in the book which seems like as good a place as any to stop reading and head to bed!

Nite nite orl!

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