Saturday 20 October 2018

Friday 19th October 2018

That's the pup walked and fed... she was happy to go for her walk the first time I called "walkies" again and was happy with the 100% again, so we came home.

Gonna take me supplements and keep reading the book I started yesterday - hasn't got anything about bullying in it yet though, which was my whole reason for borrowing it!

That's me supplements taken.

They all behaved today and went down with one mouthful of squash each.  Had an extra mouthful for the last few crumbs of the Calcium, but 99% went down with the first mouthful!

I can carry on with the reading now!

The watch I'm wearing atm cost almost £17 and the one in my drawer was £26 so when the battery on this watch runs out, I'm gonna put the £26 watch on me wrist and take this one down into town to get its battery replaced and swap them around like that each time.

Rather that than having to keep putting perfectly decent watches on Freegle 'cos I spent less than a tenner on them!

Just need to remember that now  lol

Steve's Yule gift is being delivered today!  Yay!

Steve's dressings and Yule pressie turned up within less than 5 minutes of each other.  Literally.

C said he appreciated the birthday card and gift that I got for him and I've just finished reading and reviewing a Middle Grade book and it's only 2pm!

Gonna start reading the next book and hope it's better than the one I've just finished.

Achieved a lot already today!

That's 3 people's Yule gifts sorted... my little nephew was sorted back in June, Steve's was delivered this morning and Melanie's will be with her on 21st October, so I've just gotta get both sides of the family and C's gifts now then that's it!  Yay!

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