Monday 1 October 2018

Monday 1st October 2018

A pinch and a punch
for the first of the month!

and all that jazz

Just taken our senior pup for her walk and we only did 100% this morning which is fine and dandy, considering there was 700% in the bank at the end of last week.  As long as she does 100% every day I'll be happy and if she wants to keep walking then that's a bonus, but I won't pressure her to walk any further if she doesn't want to, like this morning.

That's me morning cocktail taken.  The Calcium crumbs went everywhere and it took 3 mouthfuls of squash to get 'em all down, but other than that they all went down OK this morning.

Great customer service from some selling on Amazon... I emailed them at the end of last week and said that I still haven't had the item so they said to give it another 48 hours and if it still hasn't turned up, let them know and they'll get another one in the post!  They even replied on a Sunday afternoon/evening too and in less than an hour of me contacting them too!

They'll be getting a 5 star rating from me when the item eventually turns up... sometimes getting things from smaller businesses on Amazon's marketplace is worth more because they care about their customers than huge multi-national companies like Amazon, where everything is automated and it's often like getting blood out of a stone to get a human to reply to emails at Amazon too!!

AVG are fantastic!!  If you are after good quality, high protection anti-virus and anti-malware protection, definitely go with AVG... in less than 15 minutes with the sales bods with their online chat thingy, they found that I had 2 different accounts which is what I was billed for and paid for last night.

Less than 15 minutes later with no pressure either way, all totally my choices, I've got rid of the single computer protection that I was billed for last night but I'm still protected for unlimited devices until January 2020 and the refund process has been started.

All sorted really quickly and easily at almost 9pm on a Monday night!

They offer a free version of the anti-virus software, but if you can afford to pay for it then it's definitely worth it many times over!

They aren't the cheapest but what you get for the few pounds extra is soooo worth it!  I can safely surf the interwebs and read my emails and download things as well as being able to upload updates to the writing software, all without worry!

As long as you can safely download one programme, get AVG downloaded and installed just to initially protect you and try out.  If you love it as much as I do, definitely pay for the full version so that you're protected from malware too then you can safely use the internet knowing that you are totally protected!

It's the first thing I do after a new computer purchase or reinstall of Windows, even before I've set my email accounts up so that I'm protected from the very start!

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