Tuesday 30 October 2018

Tuesday 30th October 2018

Steve phoned the Benefits Agency at bang on 8am and 6 minutes later it was sorted which means that there's 29 hours and 6 minutes left of care in the next 6 days.

I walked the pup while he was on the phone to them and after the initial Westitude she got her harness on and we did another 200% so take off the normal 100% that I'm happy with and that leaves 100%, add in yesterdays 100% takes us up to 200% in the bank after 2 days!

It's my feet and knees that are killing me today and I don't feel quite as zonked out as I did yesterday either so I'm gonna give it a week of doing 200% just to get us both used to it, then I'll increase the current 100% which is twice up and down between our neighbours to 3 times between our neighbours.  She has to do the 200% for the rest of the week before that happens though so that we can slowly build it up and we both get used to it, rather than doing it suddenly and shocking both our bodies into agony and exhaustion so that we don't want to go out any more.

That's the email and photo's sent to the Benefits Agency now, so I can stop worrying about it until I get the decision.

Time to take my morning cocktail now.

They all went down surprisingly easily this morning!  The Calcium was 2 mouthfuls of squash but the Iron and multi were only one mouthful each!!

Total awesomesauce!

Just had an email from Amazon.... the order of the jacket has been cancelled for some reason so they are refunding the amount of the gift card for me... means I'll have to go shopping for another coat/jacket instead, 'cos I'm too wide to get my arms into my current coat!

I know I don't go out very often, other than to walk the pup every morning, but I hate being cold so I need something to put on when I take her out!

Just bought a replacement coat and pair of boots and it only cost me £12.63!  The boots will be here tomorrow and the coat on Thursday and I'll be warm and dry for any rain or snow that turns up when I've got them on!  I could get used to this!

Just chased up the 2 watches too... very productive morning for me!

First survey of the day done and dusted.

Second survey of the day completed... a nice quick one too, which is always good 'cos I get bored easily with longer surveys lol

That's me 2 silver rings doodah'd with spacer/adjuster things so there's no way they'll fall off any more now, thankfully.  Bought the pack back in January and was very skeptical, but under £3 and on Prime (so free next day delivery) I had very little to lose if they didn't work.

They do though so I've saved myself from having to buy 5 rings all over again after losing a ring that fell off my little finger this time last year!

My wedding and engagement ring got binned along with my Nana's jewellery that had been left to me in my father's will all got binned when we had the first house tidying forced upon us by M while Steve was in hospital.  I lost so much irreplaceable stuff back then - goodbye letters and drawings from the children I worked with before I left college, GH magasines, my NRA, childhood photo's and toys etc etc.  😒

Honest opinions please:  We've got a young family next door to us and within the last week or so, they've started knocking on our door and scurrying off.  That's fine by me in case they need us in an emergency or whatever. 

Steve gets frustrated though at having to put his legs down (he has to keep them elevated for medical reasons) and go to the door to find nobody there.

Sooo, honest opinions please - are you with me or Steve?

One of the youngest ones saw me walking the pup yesterday morning and wanted to meet her, but the mum said no because they were rushing off somewhere.  If the mum is happy for her children to meet the pup when they aren't in a rush and understands that I'll ask for the children to let the pup  sniff their hands first before they stroke her then we can all benefit from it. 

The pup's tail wags into oblivion each time she sees them but she's never been stroked by children AFAIK (she's a rescued old lady) so I'll be keeping a tight hold on her lead if it happens, just in case she changes her mind at any time, but I think, from what I've seen for the last couple of weeks, Mitzi will really enjoy meeting the youngsters and being gently stroked by someone she's never met before

That's beside the point of this message though!  lol

My opinion is that the children should knock on our door and run away until they feel comfortable enough to stay for a little chat.  Steve's opinion is that it shouldn't be allowed to happen unless it's a true emergency.

Who are you siding with on this please?

I'll still keep answering the door to them no matter what everyone's opinion is, I'm just after a general opinion poll amongst everyone who reads this is all 😃

The majority opinion on Facebook seems to be that I should say "someone keeps knocking on the door but by the time we answer it, there's nobody there!  My hubby and I both struggle to get around and while we appreciate their visits, it'd be better to stay until we get to the door so that we can say hello to them.  It's totally OK to knock on our door when they need help or just a chat or whatever, but can they stay there until we get there pretty please?  We're not angry with them, but they need to stay at the door until we get there so that we don't have to rush to the door when there's nobody waiting for us" then introduce Mitzi and ask their mum if it's OK for them to stroke her gently.  Whatever the mum says, goes.  If Mum agrees then they need to let Mitzi sniff their hand first then gently stroke her head.

Thoughts please?

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