Wednesday 31 October 2018

Wednesday 31st October 2018 - part 2

Back now!

Almost fell backwards as I was backing up to the shower stool, that I need to use to ensure my safety every time I have a shower, which severely knocked my confidence that I'd had.  Then I almost slipped off the shower stool forwards which knocked the tiny amount of confidence I had left, so now I don't feel safe having a shower on my own any more and Steve won't want to spend half an hour watching out for me while I wash my body and hair then get out again.

It's like when I first felt able to have a bath on my own - Steve used to have to lower me into the bath in case I slipped and drowned and pull me to my feet when I got out 'cos my legs had seized up from being straight out and not moved for an hour.  The first few times were nerve-wracking to say the least but I did it and I keep doing it so hopefully it'll be the same with the shower... face the fear and do it anyway kinda thing.

I can do it, I just need to slowly re-gain the confidence that I've now completely lost.

Just reviewed the jacket that arrived this morning.  Gave it 4 stars 'cos it's not as warm as I'd hoped unfortunately.  😞  At least it fits me though and will keep me warmish when I walk the pup in cooler weather... won't be much use if it snows though  😞.

Prescription taken.  Need to brush out my hair again before I go to bed to make sure it hasn't become knotted while it dried this afternoon.

Fourth survey of the day finito.

I'm not that tired but I'm heading to bed anyway for another early night, so nite nite orl!  C U in the morning!

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