Tuesday 16 October 2018

Tuesday 16th October 2018

Just got off the phone to 3 to cancel my contract.

The online chat with Gabriel last night had me willing to recommend 3 to anyone that asked, but not any more.

It took me 17 minutes and 43 seconds to get through the hard selling to keep me on 3... they were even willing to reduce the £27 a month to £5 for the same minutes, texts and data that I already had. 

I repeatedly said no.

I've used the number 3 times in the 2 years so even at £5 I'd still be paying for minutes, data and texts that I didn't use.

He even had the cheek to ask me if I would recommend 3 to others.  I would have if he hadn't done the hard sell on me, but not any more.  Now I'll tell everyone to avoid 3 like the plague!  Yes, the unlimited data is very tempting... it's what drew me into the contract with them in the first place, but after using it 1.5 times a year I would still be paying for things I didn't need or want.

If you're after a decent mobile phone SIM card provider in the UK, go with O2 instead of 3... much better service and while they don't offer unlimited data, they genuinely care and want to help!

That's the pup walked and fed.

The cat from the end of the road has been pooing outside someone else's door so I've given her my name and advised her to contact the council about it.  She thought it was our pup at first, but when I asked her if the poo she was clearing up stank, she sniffed it and shot back.  When she confirmed that it stank I said the same had happened to us and that we'd support her every step of the way.

We've been accused of not clearing up the pup's poo which has never happened, the cat has shat literally on our front doorstep twice and in our back yard twice so it's really putting this side of the street in a bad mood, but I refuse to be blamed for something a cat that doesn't even belong to us has done and we'll take it as far as next door wants to take it now that we have 2 households in the street complaining about it to the council!

It's even-Steven's now... 2 households against 2 households.

Taken me supplements... they all went down pretty easily today, thankfully!

That's me childcare CV sorted, just in case I don't get ESA in November... I sound pretty good on it, even if I do say so myself!  lol

First survey of the day done and dusted... it was, amazingly, only 3 pages and one question on each page!  It's done and dusted already though and I'll be getting credited in 3-7 days!  Yay!!

Just the one survey today then  👌

I is cream crackered so I'm going to bed... nite nite orl!

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